Development Tools


This three-step process has been consistently cited as "the most advanced development tool in the film industry." It will turn the meandering, episodic storyline into a tightly woven plot. By making the whole script work as a solid, compelling drama, then doing the same for each act, for each sequence, and for each scene, the script has an organic unity that will consistently grip an audience. Separate the Necessary from the Unnecessary; isolate the central Dramatic Question; direct the audience sympathy; structure conflict to continuously keep the audience on the edge of their seats.



Trap the protagonist in a good strong Dilemma, in which neither choice is acceptable and you've cornered a wild animal, creating a dynamic tension. Force the protagonist through a Crisis, and the resulting Decision & Action is often explosive and revelatory. The protagonist's final Resolution of the Dilemma can often transform the central character as well as the audience. Integrate all this into a Theme of depth and magnitude. A refreshing and practical approach to using Aristotle's theories of structure to create riveting dramatic action.



Cut to the heart of the dramatic conflict in a script with this powerful tool. You know the throughline, but what is the plot about? The ability to strip the plot down to two main combatants and make the conflict work structurally grounds the material and goes a long way toward turning mere "Story" into Drama. The power of logic can isolate and extract that which is the most powerful about the script and help develop it in its extremes. Take all the energy that goes into rewrites and put it into engineering your script properly before you write your first draft.



Destroy writer's block, devastate cliche and dimensionalize character with this remarkable brainstorming tool. Exploit these time-tested elements to bring fresh ideas, creative chaos and new energy to a script that has potential but lacks something. Attack the audience with unexpected twists, dynamic character attributes and powerful actions. Like a bomb maker's kit, the 36 Dramatic Situations is a fantastic free association tool with which to explode a story into unexpected wild dimensions.



Each participant will receive as course material an in-depth analysis of THE GODFATHER, TOOTSIE and BLADE RUNNER. They will serve as active examples of the tools and techniques being presented during the seminar and also allow you to follow up with further study at home. These tools work equally for script analysis and for plot construction, so getting a look at the mechanics of these masterpieces shows you how to make the tools serve your needs.