Most screenwriting teachers tell you what you should be doing. Jeff Kitchen shows you how to actually do it so that you can master the application of the tools, not just understand them intellectually. Practicality and usability are the keywords.


"Jeff Kitchen is a brilliant dramatist and writer.  He's been teaching and guiding screenwriters for many years. His ability to analyze story and structure is profound."

Ted Melfi - Writer/Director - Hidden Figures (nominated for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Awards), St. Vincent



So much more than just a how-to, Jeff guides you through a hands-on application of his top-rated tools and techniques. In his private one-on-one class Jeff works intensively with you on your script, helping you apply the tools as he instructs in their use. In his large group seminars Jeff provides working examples of all his tools; and in his book, Writing a Great Movie, he builds a real script from scratch to show you how to fully utilize all his methods in the creation and construction of your own screenplays.


“I highly recommend this class to screenwriters of all levels of proficiency.”

Debra Meringa - Sony Pictures


Hollywood development executives consistently say that Jeff teaches “the most advanced development tools in the film industry.” They instantly recognize the power and sophistication of Jeff’s tools, using them to get a grip on elusive script problems and to create working solutions.


“Your seminar for Development Executives was by far the best seminar I have ever taken.... Your class is the most comprehensive one offered as far as making people understand how to apply the tools and make them work.”

Jen Grisanti - Story/Career Consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc.